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a nice Email from Canada

Heute erreichte uns eine nette Email aus Nordamerika. Nach Rücksprache mit unseren Kunden möchten wir diese gern veröffentlichen:


Hi Michael,

We’re now back home in Canada having had a wonderful return trip through the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Japan. But, we have to say that this second part of our adventure did not come close to the fantastic experience that we had traveling in our motorhome throughout Europe. Margot and I are truly homesick for our Sunlight T58 and everyday we think about the amazing time we had with it. 

You were a huge part in making our European dream trip come true Michael and we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the “above and beyond” help you provided to us. We’re already thinking about how and when we can return to Dümo and rent a motorhome for a second trip. We’ll definitely be in touch with you when that happens.  

The 4 boxes of clothes and things that we shipped by DHL safely arrived hear in Victoria early February after about 8 weeks of traveling time. The total shipping cost was a very reasonable 186 Euros. A great big “THANK YOU!” to Andrew for all his help.    


Before we left you asked me to pass on our final fuel expenses for the Sunlight T58. We kept track of our fuel usage using a great “Apple” APP called “Fuel Monitor”  Following are the numbers:


Total Km:       27,500

Total L:                       2,602 litres

Total Cost:      3,665 Euros

Total Days:     301

Cost/Day:       12.17 Euros

Avg. Km/L:    10.56

Avg. Cost/Km:           0.133 Euros


Please say hello to Jorn and Sandra for us. We’re looking forward to seeing all of you again in the not-too-distant future.

Until then, take care and thank you again for helping to make our dreams come true.


Bruce & Margot